The Snow Queen & Sung Si Kyung

4 May

Seems like there’s no link right? So you have to read on, hehe…

Watched the Korean drama adaptation of the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen which starred Hyun Bin and Sung Yu Ri. The synopsis didn’t particularly capture my attention but haha I still watched it cos of Hyun Bin’s dimples. Well, it’s not the best of dramas I’ve watched but some parts did trigger me to do some thinking. Especially the part where the leading lady asks the leading man why he likes Math. Ok to get a background of the drama, you guys can read this. So the guy is a Math genius. Haha and everyone who knows me well knows that me and Maths just don’t go together, so I dunno why I even bothered to watch the drama. But anyway, when she asks why he likes Math, his answer was (actually his answer was more like a question cos I think he’s surprised that question was asked in the first place): because there’s always an answer?

From then on, I kept thinking about what he said. He likes Math because there’s always an answer. That just didn’t sit well with me. Somehow I didn’t agree with his reasoning. If we were to take that reasoning and apply to Life, then I think a lot of us will be unhappy people. How can there always be an answer when so many things are uncertain and unknown to us? Religiously speaking, of course everything will come to light one day, but until that day comes, we’ll never know for sure how our lives will turn out. Of course, we always seek answers but if we only think that the most important thing is the answer, then I think there’ll be some joy lost along the way.

Ok maybe I’m just being grumpy cos I never did well in Math. There’s always an answer to every question posed but haha I never found the right answers to many of the questions. For some other questions, I didn’t even know where to start. To sum it up, neither the interest nor capability was there when it came to Maths. Back then, I didn’t think so much but now I’m thinking, maybe it has to do with the fact that I didn’t like it when there’s always an answer. Haha maybe cos smoking (not puff-puff kinda smoking) is my favourite hobby. I prolly passed university thru 1% intelligence, 14% reading and 85% smoking (this last percentage arbitrarily set in commemoration of my birth year ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

Anyway, don’t uncertainties make Life exciting? I mean, if I knew back when I was 12 that I would definitely get into uni, I wouldn’t have worked my ass off to solve those numerous problem sums and cared about getting a top 10 position every year in pri sch. If I knew back when I was 16 that I would be able to graduate from uni with decent grades, I wouldn’t have bothered about trying to save my grades in sec 4 after 4 years of dedicating my time only to badminton. But I didn’t know. And because I wasn’t sure of the future, I had to work my socks off. Made my life more tiring, but also more exciting because I wasn’t sure whether there was an answer. So, maybe answers are not all that important.

What’s important is the journey to find the answer. The trials and tribulations we go thru to get to the answer. I’m sure at least a few would agree, but well, maybe not the Maths geniuses haha. But anyhow, the genius in The Snow Queen eventually concedes that the answer is not important and says that the process is more important than anything else, albeit when he gets his PhD haha. So before that, he didn’t have that bit of intelligence and maturity to realise that it doesn’t matter whether there is an answer.

Ok, too much thinking on my part probably, but haha I prefer writing things like this, even though I have no inkling whether anyone actually understands what I’m writing. If anyone doesn’t understand anything, well, just know that I am trying to make sense of my world, my way =).

So…what has Sung Si Kyung got to do with the Snow Queen?


Music is what links them both. Cos I thought the OST of the Snow Queen had some nice songs, so I searched for their music videos on Youtube. Some music videos after, the name Sung Si Kyung appeared in the list of suggested videos somehow. Ok let me recall how…

The MV of First Snow’s Love led me to some other songs from the drama. Then I went on to see the NGs of the Snow Queen. After some NGs, I saw in the suggested list: Sung Yu Ri speaking English. No offence to anyone whose 1st language isn’t English, but I had to see how she speaks English. Some of the pronunciation was a bit off but ok lar, at least she can make quite decent sentences. That led me to a video of Sung Si Kyung speaking French and English in his French class. I recalled having heard of a Sung Si Kyung speak decent English when I watched some clips of Star Golden Bell (a Korean variety show I think) so I had to confirm whether this was the same person. And since he was gg to speak French too (although just a bit), I decided to load the video. Towards the end of the clip, Sung Si Kyung sang in front of the class.

That was it.

I kept watching video after video of him singing various songs from various albums. He’s blessed with such heavenly vocals. Such a clear and soothing voice he has. And I must admit that practically no other singer, except for Il Divo, has given me goosebumps as a result of his/her singing. I even teared when he sang The Road to Me live in one of the videos, even when I don’t understand a word he’s singing!

I think the way to my heart is romantic music, haha. Any guy who can sing with such a beautiful and romantic voice gets instant bonus points in my book, haha…of cos the other ingredients must be there to make a perfect life partner. But a beautiful voice sure helps…a pity a lot of guys can’t sing. So I’ll just keep waiting. J’attends, j’attends…


3 Responses to “The Snow Queen & Sung Si Kyung”

  1. emilie July 1, 2008 at 10:20 am #

    I’ve seen the tv series. Liked it. I love Hyun Bin’s dimples too.

  2. hoot July 18, 2008 at 4:57 am #

    gawd, yes! ssk! sigh.


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